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Lila Thai Massage Lila Thai Massage Lila Thai Massage
Lila Thai Massage
Lila Thai Massage : English Language Lila Thai Massage : Chainese Language
Provides excellent massage and beauty services while giving dignity to woman beginning new lives
Lila Thai Massage


1. Lila Thai Complete Massage 2 Hours / 550 Baht
    Foot Reflexology 30 mins/Hand Massage 15 mins./ Back,Neck,
    Shoulder Massage 30 mins/Head massage15 mins/ Thai herbal Compress 30 Mins

2. AloeVera after Sun Treatment.   1 Hr 30 Mins / 900 Baht
    Aloe Vera Cooling Body Mask/ Aloe Vera Body Massage

3.After Trekking Massage   1 Hr 45 Mins / 500 Baht
    Foot Reflexology, Back-Nack-Shoulder Massage andManicure or Pedicure
    **Without scraping / No removing dead skin**


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Lila Thai Massage

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